Jumper Maybach

   Born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1963 under the name of Ben Earl Workman. Little Ben knew it was something special when his grandfather applied a white face on him the first time. It was then within an instant Jumper was born. The journey into the “Kingdom of Clowns” began. Jumper’s grandfather served as a volunteer clown within various charity organizations for 25 years and at the time of his death in 1977, at the age of 84, he served as the official clown for the Corpus Christi State School. The young Jumper moved to Houston, Texas in 1977 with his family and embarked on various learning studies that have contributed to his many diverse cultures in his painting skills.


   It is a person’s traumas that define an individual. Ben releases his joys and pain into the art and Jumper becomes the storyteller of the creations. Thus, Ben and Jumper are partners in the art. Jumper techniques are self-taught through intense experimentation which the results define works unique to him. The art stands out for the purposes of self-realization for an individual to develop a personal connection with the art. It’s about understanding love, peace and the transformation of an individual.

   Mr. Maybach has his original artwork individually serial numbered and registered to its owner, which in return makes it more unique to own. Jumper Maybach has developed a persona around his follower base that is very intriguing. Jumper refers to his studio as his Tent. He has an intellectual friendship group that he refers to as his Troupe. Mr. Maybach takes his art serious and the valuation of his art is a vital part of this mentality.


Jumper Maybach's vision of Abstract Art is so unique that it has led him to the opportunity of breaking off into the Fashion industry as well as creating his own Interior Design Ideas  

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