2014: The Year In Review

     2014 was a fantastic year for Jumper Maybach. First and foremost, the final pickup shots and interviews were completed for his documentary, The Jumper Maybach Story. With the help from Jumper's good friend Alan De Herrera, the documentary's cinematographer/director, the last few scenes were shot and the documentary is finally in post-production. While getting those last few shots, the documentary followed Jumper and his troupe to Venice, Italy, where he had an exhibition. The exhibition in Italy was held at the famous Museo Nazionale Villa Pisani where Jumper was given three grand halls to fill with his masterpieces. This exhibition was so marvelous that it led to Jumper to creating 39 new pieces of art. Jumper made such an impression on Italy's art world that he was invited to do a 45 minute interview on a major broadcast network. While the exhibition was a success, so was the overall trip to Italy. Soon after getting stateside, Jumper had little time to prepare for White Linen Night in the Heights where he was able to reveal a few of his Venice paintings for the first time in the United States. White Linen Night was a success for Jumper as he made many new friends and contacts and received a lot of praise for his new art pieces. Then, just a few months from White Linen Night, Jumper was quick to prepare his gallery for its grand opening. The grand opening was just that, grand! Elegant and chic with a custom white tent, chandeliers, and wonderful works of art . As the night proceeded, Jumper was the belle of the ball; taking photos, entertaining guests and selling his work. After the grand opening, Jumper Maybach donated 10% of the proceeds to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Finally, Jumper Maybach ended the year with holiday specials and small events at the gallery. Jumper hand painted Christmas ornaments which were a huge hit; and has discussed the possibility for hand painting Christmas trees for 2015. Now, Jumper Maybach is planning out his 2015 and from what troupe can tell, it'll be a year to remember.