Jumper Maybach's Jumperversay 2015

     Jumper had his Jumperversay party last Saturday, October 10th, and he could not be happier. The venue, Mr. Peeples in midtown, was jumperfied thanks to Jumper's troupe and everywhere you looked it screamed Jumper! We had a great turnout with some familiar faces and new ones as well. Jumper received a lot of praise for the party as he and his guests danced the night away, compliments of DJ Chaney. Jumper's troupe was told that the venue kept receiving calls about the celebration wanting to know who all can attend and like Jumper likes to say "the more the merryer". Jumper raised around $2,000 for the Step Onward Foundation (formally known as the Grace Foundation USA) during the night's festivities as well. Jumper had a great time with his friends and can't wait to do it all again next year! Till next time.