Modern Luxury Celebration

      Jumper Maybach had an amazing time last week at the Modern Luxury Party in Houston. Modern Luxury in Houston was celebrating their 10th anniversary last week, March 12, where Jumper met some very fascinating people! The Modern Luxury party was a very entertaining happy hour for everyone. The 10th anniversary took place at The Astorian, which also happened to be the grand opening of the establishment.. The 10th anniversary party also had one of Houston's hottest local bands playing the entire night, The Suffers. The event was very elegant and classy which led Jumper to be in many event photos. you can view a hand full of the photos on Jumper's Fine Art Gallery Facebook page. Overall, the 10th anniversary party was an amazing success and Jumper had a blast; he can't wait for the next event Modern Luxury has! 

Clinton LucasComment