Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau

      This coming Wednesday - 3/11/15 - Jumper Maybach will be attending the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau membership orientation meeting. Jumper has recently been involved with GHCVB and from our research and what we've heard, this is an amazing opportunity for Jumper and his brand. The GHCVB is the primary outlet for sales and marketing for the city of Houston. Their mission is to expand and improve Houston's economy via conventions, tourism and even film projects. The GHCVB does an amazing job of suggesting great restaurants to dine at, amazing small businesses to shop at and they even give Houstonians a heads up on different events happening all over the city. Jumper even has his very own page on the GHCVB website - here's Jumper's Houston Art Gallery page. Jumper is very excited to venture into this new partnership with GHCVB and he is even more excited about meeting new people and making new friends at the membership orientation meeting. 

Clinton LucasComment