California Visit

     Jumper and his Troupe are in California for the weekend to review "The Jumper Maybach Story" as well as get some interview shots for the behind the scenes reel. While in California, Jumper will be attending the movie premier "Man From Reno" staring his very good friend Pepe Serna. Mr. Serna also makes an appearance in "The Jumper Maybach Story"; in fact, Pepe Serna was one of the first individuals to help get the ball rolling for "The Jumper Maybach Story". During Jumper's visit, he'll be meeting new and fascinating people as well as making a few contacts for the documentary. Jumper and the Troupe are extremely excited to have the opportunity to be in California and plan on making the most of their time there. As Jumper always says "When a door opens you got to walk through it". 

Clinton LucasComment