Jumper Appearances

      Jumper and his troupe have had a busy past couple of weeks. First, Jumper was at the world renown Hotel Zaza last were for a spring soiree. There, Jumper met some amazing as well as fascinating individuals and had many opportunities to share his story. Then, last Thursday, Jumper and his troupe made their way to the Galleria for a private event held at the delicious restaurant Peli Peli. At the event Jumper enjoyed many wonderful conversations complimented by the mouth savoring appetizers such as bacon wrapped chicken and stuffed mushrooms. Once Jumper and his troupe finished up at Peli Peli they made their way to the amazing Houston hotel, Hotel Derek. At Hotel Derek, Jumper made his rounds at the little pop-up shops supporting small local Houston businesses. Jumper is relieved to get a breather from all of the events, but not for long. Within the next month or so The Jumper Maybach Story will be making it's first appearance at select film festivals. So, keep your eyes out for Jumper attending social events as well as the documentary! 

Clinton LucasComment