Jumper's Clowntastic Painting Class

     This Saturday, July 11, 2015, Jumper will be conducting a painting class for 15-20 children ages 6-12. This is event has been in the works for months! The event will be held at the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston and will be for children living with autism. If you know Jumper then you know how huge of a humanitarian he is and this will be one of hist absolute favorite ways to give back to his community. During Jumper's Clowntastic Painting Class, Jumper will demonstrate different techniques and ways of painting that he has developed over the years. Jumper will show the children how he goes about painting a masterpiece and then soon enough he will let kids go wild with their own canvases. This event will be so messy and colorful that Jumper's Troupe will have to arrive at the institute a day early so that they can lay tarp all over the ground and the walls in order to prevent the explosion of color to get all over the room. We here in Jumperverse are incredibly excited for this event and if all goes well you can bet we will be holding similar events in the future! 

Clinton LucasComment