Jumper Maybach 2015 Gayest & Greatest!!!

     In the past few months Jumper was in the running for Best Art Gallery in Outstmart's 2015 Gayest and Greatest. Thanks to Jumper's fans and followers he was voted as one of the best art galleries in Houston! Jumper can't be any more honored and pleased and wishes to thank everyone who voted for him day after day. Jumper works hard to keep his art gallery unique and interesting for his fans, collectors and patrons. By continually making new masterpieces, changing out the artwork in the gallery and generating new ideas for his merchandise; Jumper has felt very accomplished in the past month. But, Jumper and his troupe are pressing forward! We are nearing Jumper's Jumperversary on October 10th, celebrating the first time he picked up a paint brush. Even more so, we are in the process of submitting The Jumper Maybach Story to film festivals for 2016. Things are picking up here and we couldn't be more thrilled!