Artopia 2016

    Artopia 2016 was a total success! Hosted by Houston Press and held at Winter Street Studios, Artopia 2016 was taken over by Jumper Maybach. In the VIP Lounge again, Jumper was able to showcase over twenty new paintings, a good majority of which have never been revealed in the U.S. before. Jumper and his troupe had a blast meeting some very interesting people and admiring other fellow local Houston artist's work. Jumper received an incredible amount of compliments on his new pieces and couldn't be happier. A lot of individuals in the VIP lounge were taken back by the amount of vibrant color and of the large scale abstract pieces Jumper provided. Jumper himself had an incredible time chatting the night away with fellow individuals who appreciate fine art. We're excited for Artopia 2017! Who knows what the event will have in store for Jumper and his troupe!  

Clinton LucasComment