Jumper's June!

   Jumper has a lot of really exciting things going on around Houston for this month of June! First and foremost, Jumper is having his closing exhibition show for his newest series "From Darkness to Light". A series inspired by the vast beauties and wonderment of a star exploding; creating a supernova. Jumper's vision for the series came to him one day in his head and just as fast as the idea hit him he had a whole new series of paintings. What's really amazing about these paintings is that each painting is basically a 2 in 1. Why? Because the paintings also glow in the dark! Each painting takes on a new form, in a sense, in pitch black and can even light up a room. It truly is an extraordinary series.

   Next, Jumper has just received word that The Jumper Maybach Story, his life story documentary, is ready to be viewed as a final cut! Once Jumper has given the production team the green light and checks off on the documentary, it's film festival time! After winning our first award for the documentary as a rough cut, the production team has been working tirelessly to update and complete the film for entry into the film festival circuit. We can't wait to host a private premier here in Houston!

   Finally, between June 25-26th, Jumper has teamed up with Donald J. Pliner in efforts to support Pet Patrol Houston. Partnering up with Donald J. Pliner is something Jumper is very excited for because he has been such a fan of his shoes for a long time now. So for the two days in June, between 12-6pm, a portion of every item sold, whether it be shoes or art, will be donated to Pet Patrol Houston; an organization here in Houston dedicated to fighting for animals and their well being when they can't fend for themselves. So, all in all, Jumper is going to have a very busy Summer it looks like but that's okay! We can't wait to see what the future has in store! Till next time!