Jumper's Cotton Candy Series - Exhibition Show

Jumper was thrilled to once again be apart of Cirque HOU! Even more so, he was really excited to finally showcase his brand new Cotton Candy series to Houston. Creating a new Cotton Candy series was something Jumper has been wanting to do and he looked at the new Cirque HOU show as his opportunity to do so. Now, after all the amazing and positive feedback he's received from this series, he is ready to hold an exhibition for these new masterpieces! On August 13th Jumper will host an exhibition show at his award winning Houston art gallery in the Heights. The exhibition will be free with food and beverages. Jumper is counting down the days for this event as he is super pumped to reveal his new Cotton Candy series to all of Houston. Make sure you keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for any updates about the exhibition or related art events. August 13th will be an unforgettable night, you're not going to want to miss this exhibition! We hope to see you come out and show your support!