Artopia 2017

Jumper was once again invited to participate in Houston Press' 2017 Artopia at Winter Street Studios. Can you guess who's the VIP artist? That's right! It's Jumper! We spent a good amount of time and energy brainstorming and generating ideas that could really make this Artopia special for Jumper and his art. So, for the past few months Jumper has been constantly painting new masterpieces, busy with designing new concepts for his artwork and experimenting new ways to really make his art stand out. Jumper is just about finished with this new series (his first new series for 2017) and has decided to keep everything a secret until the event. So, while Jumper is putting his final touches and changes to these new masterpieces we will coordinate with Houston Press till it's time for Artopia! These paintings are nothing like what Jumper has created in the past, they truly are unique - not only as artwork but for Jumper as well. We can't wait to reveal these new paintings at Artopia and the anticipation is killing us! Artopia will be at Winter Street Studios again this year on January 28, 2017 from 8pm-11pm. You can visit for more information and to buy your tickets. If you would like to be surrounded by Jumper Maybach originals, make sure you buy a VIP pass so you can experience these new creations firsthand. Keep up with our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twiter etc) for more updates on Artopia; Also, go like Jumper's new brand page on Facebook too to keep up with all the productions that are happening here at the gallery!