Artopia 2015

     Jumper had a marvelous time participating in the  Houston Press event, Artopia. Jumper and his troupe were invited to the preview party at the incredible venue, 1919 Wine & Mixology. Once at the preview party Jumper and the troupe mingled with fellow art enthusiasts; there were lots of laughs, photos and very interesting conversations with even more interesting individuals. A few days after Artopia's preview party Jumper ventured off to Belize and left his troupe in charge. Artopia was held at the locally famous Winter Street Studios. Since Jumper Maybach acquired the VIP room for the event, he entrusted the art selection to his troupe. A little over 25 pieces were selected for the VIP room, all from his most recent works of art to some of his earlier pieces. The event was a huge success! With more than 1,000 people in attendance at the event, of which 250-300 were all VIP guests, Artopia was the place to be. Jumper's troupe made great connections at the event and were also able to spread not just Jumper's name but as well as his message to the world. Jumper received incredible feedback for his work and even ideas for new pieces art. Overall, the event was a blast and Jumper couldn't be any more pleased; until next time Artopia!

Clinton LucasComment