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Jumper Maybach is currently exhibiting 54 pieces of previously unseen work titled The Venetian Series.

I caught up with Jumper Maybach for a behind-the-scenes look at The Venetian Series.

Venice Awakes_2014_59x84_Acrylic.jpg

When did you start to explore your passion for art?

After a spiritual awakening following a severe bullying attack in April 2011.

Where do you draw inspiration from your work?

My inspiration is from deep within my soul. My spiritual guide seems to allow me to pull from within my consciousness.

Jumper's RedRocket_48x60_AcryliconCanvas.jpg

How would you describe your style of work?

Very me! Art experts call my art Modern Abstract. I would declare it a new form of art — Jumperism. Jumperism is an unfiltered expression from within my soul. The storyteller of my life present and past. Jumper Maybach uses me as his conduit to show the world that ending hate, intolerance, and bullying is the only way to achieve acceptance for all humanity.

You’ve mentioned Jackson Pollock as an artist that you admire — who are some of your other art heroes or inspirations?

I admire anyone who stands up to this insanity that is taking over the world. I respect Keith Haring who stood up to the bigots by making art relevant to the AIDS epidemic.


What do you hope that people feel when looking at your paintings?

I want viewers of my art to pause and understand the emotions that went into each piece. Understand that it’s not just paint thrown at canvas — it’s an emotional portal. I have so many viewers tell me that they understand art now since being exposed to my work. It’s truly something very spiritual.

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