Houston, Texas   July 2019:  Ben Workman, aka Jumper Maybach, is a Houston-based world-renowned Contemporary Artist whose works are exhibited in galleries, municipal buildings and museums throughout North America.  The Artist, subject of an award-winning documentary film, and whose talents are multi-faceted, uses his artistry to further his commitment to social and societal issues.  His latest foray into the world of set and textile design:  thoroughly inspired by his renowned and extraordinary Contemporary artwork.  His designs will be on full display on 8/3/2019 in San Antonio when Anomaly premiers at the Tobin Center.

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The Artist has been named the Design and Artistic Director of Anomaly: The Magic of Robby Bennett and Other Curiosities and, as such,Maybach has created a look and feel which graces all elements of the production: the extraordinary and unique textiles, the set design, costuming, collateral materials and Anomaly branded merchandise for this show currently on its’ 2019 – 2020 North American tour. https://anomalyshow.com/ .  Tour dates in Texas include Galveston on 7/27/2019, San Antonio on 8/3/2019 and Dallas premiering 8/16/2019:  the Summer 2019 tour.

Click here for B-Roll & Image Assets of Maybach on the set of Anomaly  CLICK HERE

Jumper’s Original Artworks and Home Design Collection are the inspiration for the Artists’ on-stage set design and costuming for #anomalyshow

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Electronic Press Kit:   https://www.jumpermaybach.com/epk

Artwork Collections:    https://www.jumpermaybach.com/abstract-art

The Artist enjoys a global press presence as his accomplishments are artistic, cultural, and societal.  Maybach has, through his design work and his artwork heightened interest and commitment to diversity and equality, something the artist has in common with and strikingly similar to Artist Keith Haring’s Activism and use of highly visible art-directed expressions to reflect social issues.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Haring

Jumper Maybach is the first and only Artist ever to be named an “Official Artist of Pride”….a conception that allowed for the first artistic and cultural opportunity for a Pride Celebration last year at Houston Pride 2018, and then onto Nashville and Richmond, VA ..and garnering significant results both in secured press and awareness, as well as beneficiary dollars back to the respective Pride celebrations in the various cities.  He is a serial philanthropist in each and every community and city in which he exhibits. His work sits in the important Collections of Municipalities…as well as celebrities such as Jazz Jennings, Edward James Olmas and a host of luminaries. 

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