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Unique. Vibrant. Colorful. All of these words and more describe Jumper Maybach. Based in Houston, Texas, this mix media artist for the 21st Century combines his passion for the visual and performance arts with extraordinary grace and shines through in each majestic creation.

Browse his online art gallery today and uncover a new kind of mixed media.

Who Is Jumper Maybach?
Mixed Media Pop Artist!
Clown Extraordinaire!

Artist Statement

My inspiration for a new painting usually begins with a chance meeting of some sort that creates a spiritual spark within me. I translate this spiritual connection into my paintings. I work with many brush strokes of color that follow unpredictable patterns until the final masterpiece evolves onto the canvas. There are many sequences of exploratory experimentations of applying acrylic color onto the raw canvas. I truly believe a spiritual guide moves me into taking big risks in the combinations of many new techniques. I enjoy the processes that take me to new color realms in my rhythms of brush techniques during the application of the paints. My evolution as a painter is given great latitudes to conquer during these episodic moments.

There are other moments that I must trust my inner instincts and go without abandonment what I pick up from the painting what it is telling me to apply to complete the work. I’m the artist and must listen to and surrender to the paintings wishes.
I am a storyteller who creates a tremendous scope of history with each masterpiece I create. I believe each piece has a story and I must tell its story.

The art of painting for me is the intense love that propels and motivates me during the entire creative process. I have a habitual compulsion that motivates me to embark on new worldly projects.
- Jumper Maybach

Want to Know More?
Jumper Maybach's online gallery is a place for you to review these amazing masterworks of art and is designed as a lead-in to his creative genius at play.  Get to know this Clown Artist of Texas who will be rocking the world with his creative genius for years to come.

Contact Jumper today at (877) 308-5870 in Houston, Texas, for unique pop art like you've never seen before.

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